We are a producer of sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, vegetable preserves and salads.

Fresh and selected vegetables come from the company’s fields. This guarantees that our customers receive products of the highest quality, which is a priority for us.

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salad (Claremont salad)
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Sour rye soup
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Products we care for from field to table

Better and healthier food thanks to our Farm to Table strategy.

Our products meet the highest quality standards. Regional flavours and traditional recipes. Fresh and selected vegetables come from the company's fields. Tradition plus modern production technology allows us to be one of the market leaders.


How are our products made?


The company was formed from the transformation of a farm with the same production profile. For four generations, we have been upholding a family tradition that has been passed down from father to son. We naturally pickle cabbage and cucumbers using our tried-and-tested recipes and raw material from our cultivation. In 2016, our efforts were rewarded with the “Quality Tradition” certificate.


The high quality and excellent taste of the products are achieved through natural fermentation processes. Fresh and selected vegetables come from the company’s fields. On our farm of more than 1,300 ha, the international GlobalGap system has been implemented, which ensures food safety for primary agricultural production.


We have extensive production and storage facilities and our specialised transport. The extensive distribution system covers the whole of Poland and part of Europe, which ensures timely delivery.


Our products are referred to as superfoods, which means functional foods that manifest a wide range of effects on the human body. Modern medicine argues that pickles are excellent prevention for many gastrointestinal, immune and cancer diseases.

Our products

Our company can fulfil your order in a short time while ensuring that the products we deliver are always of the highest quality

The trust of our customers and the quality of our products are of paramount importance to us!



Laboratorium Higieny Żywności i Żywienia

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